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Keep your sensitive data safe. Make sure your organization is Votiro secure.

The Votiro Secure Email Gateway service helps keep your sensitive data (e.g. passwords, financial information) safe by removing any threats found in files attached to emails coming into your network in near real time. It handles many file formats in both mobile and desktop versions including Microsoft Office and Adobe. This advanced protection from phishing and spear-phishing attacks helps eliminate the human error that so often causes data breaches.

Votiro Data Center

Incoming emails are automatically routed through the Votiro email gateway, where attached files are checked for malicious intent. Neither the emails or attachments are stored in the Votiro servers, to maintain your organization’s privacy.

To protect your organization from known, undisclosed, and zero-day threats, the Votiro Zero-Day Exploit Protection technology scans each file and deletes all malicious code. Now safe to open and edit, the cleansed file preserves the integrity of the original file. The emails and their attachments now continue on to their original destination.

The Votiro Secure Email Gateway technology prevents exploits from attacking endpoints and spreading malware throughout your network. You can customize security policies for different groups within your organization to ensure this invisible and non-disruptive service works for your organization.

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