Emissions Security: IT Risk Assessment

Emissions and unintentional electronic signals or emanations, if intercepted and analyzed by an adversary, may disclose classified or sensitive information transferred or processed by electronic communications systems.

Emissions Security (EMSEC) protection results from all measures taken to deny unauthorized personnel information that might be derived from wayward signals or emissions.

An EMSEC assessment is a tool used to determine the need for EMSEC countermeasures for equipment or systems. Factors considered during the assessment include classification level, the volume of information processed, and the distance from areas outside of the installation’s control

Canadian government departments (and Prime contractors) who have requirements to deploy classified networks require a Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA) before they are allowed to proceed. Part of the overall TRA for classified processing requires an EMSEC evaluation.

In addition to assessing EMSEC for classified networks, Phirelight regularly performs radio frequency propagation testing for AirPatrol deployments. This is an essential component to a proper deployment to ensure that AirPatrol can effectively track cellular devices in a controlled, secured zone.
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