rapidPHIRE is a context-aware cyber security NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) platform that provides situational awareness and remediation of cyber threats operating inside SMB and Enterprise networks. Using advanced network traffic analysis and machine learning, rapidPHIRE lets you track threats as they enter your network perimeter, watch lateral movement between endpoints, and develop a complete understanding of your security event history.

It costs time, money, and personnel to maintain effective security posture. Imagine a cost-effective solution that provides efficiency, reduces costs, and provides you with a tangible return on investment. Gain an unparalleled understanding of your network infrastructure and cyber security posture. rapidPHIRE does the heavy-lifting; empowering you to tackle today’s ever-evolving security climate.

Full Contextual Awareness

rapidPHIRE’s scalable installation and zero-touch configuration offer a painless approach for acquiring full network visibility. Contextually linked cyber intelligence provides the full picture of what’s really happening. See your network for the first time.

Features & Benefits


rapidPHIRE is a cost-effective solution that can scale to any organization’s size or budget.


Keep your business-critical assets secure from advanced threats, and preserve your customer’s information and loyalty.


Without interfering with daily business operations, your network stays secure without having to be constantly monitored.


rapidPHIRE does the heavy-lifting so you don’t need to be a security expert to be able to detect advanced persistent threats.

rapidphire Applications

Application Awareness

With application awareness, rapidPHIRE knows if an application is being used to compromise your information systems or send your corporate data out of your organization to those with malicious intent.

rapidPHIRE User Interface

Intuitive Visualization

You don’t need to be an expert to understand rapidPHIRE’s analytics dashboards. The information is presented logically and is easy to follow.

features motion tracking

Lateral Motion Tracking

Unlike other solutions on the market that only feature inbound/outbound tracking, rapidPHIRE lets you track cyber threats, compromised devices, and cyber events as they move laterally through your network.


Active Defence

rapidPHIRE’s Active Defence provides simplified remediation and blocking capabilities. Without impacting business operations, your organization is given full control to filter traffic, adjust tolerance levels, and customize rules and restrictions.


Advanced Multi-Engine Scanning

Quickly scan files with dozens of anti-malware engines for known and unknown threats, improving the malware detection rate, and speeding up throughput. Utilize advanced threat protection and analytics to prevent undetected zero-day and targeted attacks.

rapidphire kill chain analytics

Cyber Kill Chain® Analytics

Ability to define custom series of suspicious cyber events and use visual queries to find out if other end-points in your network have been affected within seconds, so you can take immediate remediation action.

features multi vector defence

Multi-Vector Defence

Cyber defence options range from automated, to semi-automated, to manual.  Entirely configurable to your tolerance or operational ability, stopping threats is easy and automated. rapidPHIRE can instantly and permanently quarantine threats and malicious behaviour.

features CyRIN threat feed

CyRIN Threat Feed

Custom Cyber Risk Index Network provides continuous updates to the software and threat intelligence.

features flexible-scalable-architecture

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

From SMB to complex Global Enterprise architecture, rapidPHIRE’s scalable deployment configuration provides unparalleled coverage of the entire network through a single pane of glass.


Machine Learning

Agentless implementations are able to detect end-point malicious activity regardless of the end-point operating system or device type.


Real-Time Detection

You don’t need to have someone watching the system at all times. rapidPHIRE delivers critical information to any authorized device and provides real time, custom alerting and reporting.


Temporal Node Entropy Analytics

Allows for agentless implementations that are able to detect end-point malicious activity regardless of the end-point operating system or device type.


Dynamic Granular Control™

To counteract threats, rapidPHIRE™ integrates seamlessly with the world’s leading technology partners to provide surgical remediation with the lightest touch possible with a single click of a button. Don’t kill a fly with a sledgehammer.

Watch. Learn. React.


Know your network. Know your threats. Take control.