Over the past year, there has been a significant increase in publicly reported breaches and threats affecting SAP® systems. For those companies running SAP Portals, the recent report of NVIDIA having been forced to take a customer service platform running SAP Portal offline, due to an attacker exploiting a known vulnerability in the SAP application, is a wake-up call. For those companies that assume SAP is immune from attacks because they are internal, the Microsoft Malware Protection Center recently reported some chilling news. Microsoft reported on malware that was actively looking for SAP systems, usernames, and passwords whenever the malware was deployed on a system. In addition, Anonymous claimed to have broken into governmental entities and threatened to use SAP exploits to further its interests.

Because of these rise in threats to SAP systems, and knowing how critical these applications are to our customers, we have partnered with Onapsis, the leading provider of ERP cyber security solutions.

Together, we are offering the ability to get a jump start into SAP Cyber Security and gain insight into the current security posture of your SAP systems. This snapshot could form the foundation from which a sustainable SAP cyber security management process is created.

Through this onetime engagement, performed in a black-box approach and leveraging SAP-certified solutions, you will learn about the most critical SAP cyber security risks affecting your environment; as well as a obtain a detailed and prioritized remediation plan in order to better protect your business-critical information and processes.

We have a three tier model, allowing you to select the scope that is most appropriate for your environment and budget. Assessments can be started quickly, and completed without requiring any time or resources from your SAP Administration/Basis teams. The results will be detailed, actionable, and specific to your environment and business – enabling you to immediately understand and remediate the most critical risks in your SAP systems.

As an added service, we are pleased to offer you a free scan/assessment of an SAP server. This free offer can be used for either: an instance of the SAP portal or the SAP Enterprise Central Component. You will get a better line of sight into the level of risk in your environment for no cost at all. The scan is completed in minutes and your team keeps the full reports. Read here for more information on this offer to enhance your SAP security. Contact us to take advantage of this offer!


Tier 1
Up to 5 SAP instances/IP addresses
One week engagement
Tier 2
Up to 10 SAP instances/IP addresses
Two week engagement
Tier 3
Up to 20 SAP instances/IP addresses
Two week engagement

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