Unified Real Time Locationing Solutions

Inpixon develops the systems and solutions that power the data-driven enterprise. With an innovative approach to big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), we blend virtual data from software and networks with the huge volume of physical data generated by mobile devices and Internet-connected things to open new worlds of insight. Our unique solutions are helping organizations worldwide improve decision making, increase productivity, and fuel the discoveries of tomorrow.

Inpixon Product Lines

  • Inpixon IPA — Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth detection, real time locationing and zone-based services. Inpixon provides mobile device security and zone-base policy controls, and also offers a software platform for mobile analytics and location-based services. Inpixon IPA is a mobile locationing system that lets 3rd party developers deliver dynamic content and device security for areas as small as three meters across. Paired with a high-performance, data analytics platform, this technology delivers visibility, security and business intelligence on any commercial or government premises worldwide.

    AirPatrol By Sysorex

  • Inpixon Shoom Digital Solutions — Shoom liberates publishers and advertisers from cumbersome legacy and hard-copy systems with the industry’s largest industry-wide digital solution. From automated ad delivery and invoicing to electronic publishing, Shoom products provide simple, speedy and cost-effective solutions for publishers throughout North America and beyond.

Inpixon Professional and Consulting Services

Inpixon’s professional services team delivers custom-built solutions for your most difficult and time-consuming business problems.


  • Provides a single platforming for locating all assets in an area
  • Locates rogue devices and enforces any “no mobile devices” areas or policies
  • Device and vendor independent – locates all makes, manufacturers, or types
  • Advanced analytics and reporting, based on all assets


  • Accurately locates Wi–Fi and cellular devices within 2-5 meters
  • Real–time Wi–Fi and cellular intrusion detection and alerts, based on location
  • Customizable, turnable, and scalable into one unified threat management solution
  • Forensic playback
  • Automatic calibration
  • Time stamped events
  • Device identification by MAC address, SSIDs, and association states of Wi–Fi and cellular bands
  • Policy management designed for today’s compliance mandates
  • Browser based access anywhere on the network
  • Centralized monitoring and multi–user access


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