Information Technology Security Skills Gap

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Addressing the shortages in skilled information technology security professionals is a challenge for all companies.  To address Chief Information Security Officer concerns over personnel shortages, Phirelight now offers the following outsourced information technology security services to address gaps in the market place.

rapidPHIRE with Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Software based vulnerability engine provides ongoing analytics and reports to alert on potential weaknesses detected on operating systems, network devices, hypervisors, databases tablets, phones, web servers and critical infrastructure.

rapidPHIRE vCIRT Monitoring

rapidPHIRE monitoring takes advantage of the cloud-hosted architecture to allow secure complete monitoring of a client’s network. It allows for certified Phirelight security specialists in the role of a vCIRT (virtual Cyber Intelligence Response Team) to augment a client’s team. Whether it’s a second set of eyes or taking full advantage of qualified security engineers monitoring and identifying potential malicious activity within the network, rapidPHIRE Monitoring provides the added level of comfort that comes with ensuring threats are identified and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Pen Testing/Vulnerability Assessment Services

Penetration tests are essentially controlled “attacks” on the network and systems connecting to the network.  Pen testing is used to identify security weaknesses and existing vulnerabilities. Phirelight’s methodical collection of vulnerability data from target networks and devices ensure that existing “holes” can be plugged before it’s too late. Following the Pen Test a full report is submitted to expose areas of vulnerability along with best practice recommendations to make addressing issues simpler.

Email Protection – Anti-SpearPhishing

In today’s environment of sophisticated attacks by cyber-criminals, business users have a hard time figuring out which email they can open without risking their company’s security. Incoming email messages are automatically routed to the secure email gateway, where every attached file is checked for known and unknown threats. To protect your organization from undisclosed and zero-day threats, the patented Zero-Day Exploit Protection technology scans each file and removes all malicious code. Safe to edit, the cleansed files preserve the integrity and functionality of the original files and the email messages and their attachments continue on to you organization’s email server.

Endpoint Protection for Windows – Anti-Exploit & Anti-Malware

Endpoint Security is an innovative platform that delivers powerful multilayered defense for smart endpoint protection. Anti-malware, anti-exploit and anti-ransomware modules protect against even the most sophisticated known and unknown threats. When combined with the power of rapidPHIRE the chances of a compromise are substantially reduced.

Security Awareness Check-Up (SAC): Corporate Spear Phishing Test

It’s vital and wise to find vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker does. Often, these attacks come in the form of cleverly spoofed email.  The Spear Phishing test is a simple to deploy, comprehensive solution that audits email user behaviour and provides a platform that, if used correctly, substantially reduces susceptibility to socially engineered cyber attacks. By working with an organization to define a list of internal email users, the SAC targets specific potential weak points by injecting a carefully controlled Spear Phishing test.  The results identify which users in an organization would fail the test and shows who would potentially provide insider credentials to an attacker after being lured by a Phishing scam.  The benefit is that an organization can use the test results to better equip employees in the fight to identify and prevent attacks of this kind in the future.


Phirelight is ready to be your trusted partner for your cyber security needs.

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