Government Vehicles

Phirelight has been awarded Supply Arrangements in various categories for the following Government Vehicles:


ProServices is a mandatory government-wide vehicle in the provision of non-informatics and informatics Professional Services below the NAFTA threshold.

Task-Based IT Professional Services (TBIPS)

TBIPS was established by PWGSC to facilitate the delivery of task-based Information Management and Information Technology professional services for the Government of Canada. TBIPS is intended to be a primary method of contracting IM/IT services. All federal government departments and agencies in the National Capital Region, Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and the Pacific Regions may use this services procurement vehicle.

Temporary Help Services (THS)

The THS On-Line System is a tool to assist federal departments in their procurement of temporary help services up to $400,000 (which includes all subsequent amendments, travel/living expenses, overtime and GST/HST) or 48 consecutive weeks, whichever comes first.

Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS)

TSPS is for the provision of Non-Informatics Professional Services, both Task and Solutions based. They cover three core areas of expertise: Human Resources Services, Business Consulting/Change Management and Project Management Services, which are commonly and nationally used.

Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA)

The SLSA is a two-phased procurement process. The first phase consists of suppliers qualifying through the SLSA Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) permanently posted on GETS. Once qualified, suppliers list their products and ceiling prices in the publicly available SLSA Catalogue. Based on the information in the SLSA Catalogue, the second phase consists of the approved PWGSC and Client authorities competing their requirements via Request For Quotations (RFQ), simplified Bid Solicitations or through Sole Sourcing if the mandatory justifications are met.

MERX Canadian Public Tenders

MERX is Canada’s leading electronic tendering service.MERX provides its services to thousands of public sector organizations that need an efficient, simple, and fair way to source goods and services.
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