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Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. (“Phirelight”) is an IT Security Consulting and Solutions firm offering a comprehensive suite of IT Security, Information Assurance, and Cyber Protection solutions, consulting services, and educational services to the Defence, Security & Intelligence, and Critical Infrastructure sectors.

Phirelight is a recognized authority in cross-domain solutions, custom high assurance products, and other leading security solutions. With over 11 years of experience providing secure software solutions and services to both government and commercial organizations. Phirelight has proven capabilities and experience assisting a wide-range of customers with complex security and information assurance issues, including Defence, Security & Intelligence, Critical Infrastructure, Health, Telecom, and many of the large Defence Integrators.

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Cyber Security Solutions

As a Systems Integrator of security technologies, Phirelight provides complete Business Solutions Life Cycle processes. These encompass all phases of a business solutions project, from the identification of business needs and the specification of requirements, to the evaluation of candidate products (or the engineering development of needed tools), and the deployment of selected technologies in a client’s environment.

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Responding to a cyber-attack is no longer about removing the virus. Now it is: how do I know if my information was compromised? How do I know where it went? Who do I have to notify if there was a data breach of my clients personal information? Do I have the information that I need to manage this cyber-attack holistically? Despite investments in cyber security tools, sadly most companies do not have the information they need to detect and respond to a cyber-attack. rapidPHIRE gives you 20/20 vision. Get rapidPHIRE and

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How do you address those high value assets? Traditional defence in depth has proven to be unreliable. What about Windows XP machines that you can no longer update? What if you could hide those assets on your network? What if you never had to worry about them being attacked? Stealth provides significant asset protection to the point of hiding the IT asset on your network. The essence of Stealth is in its motto – “You Can’t Hack What You Can’t See”. Be proactive about cyber defence and get Stealth.

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Is your SAP system truly secure? Cyber attackers already know the techniques and exploits for SAP. Information about SAP application vulnerabilities have been in the public domain for over 10 years and exploits are being weaponized and placed in free tools like Metasploit. Many firms view Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, and SAP’s Separation of Duties (SoD) as their complete SAP security solution – but in fact, they are leaving their critical corporate SAP applications unprotected from cyber attacks.

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IT Security Consulting Ottawa

IT Security Consulting

Phirelight has been a trusted information security advisor to hundreds of organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Through our many engagements, we have observed that tight budgets have sometimes forced organizations to implement a disjointed information security strategy that doesn’t include all of the criteria of an effective information security program.Phirelight has designed strategic services to help you fill the gaps in your information security program.

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Architecture and Design

We design and engineer secure critical systems that provide the information our clients need. Our certified consultants create security plans and designs, develop and deploy cyber solutions, and provide operational support. Further, we integrate systems for complete security solutions.

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Auditing and Compliance

Phirelight stands for “Networks Safe and Sound”. Our Audit and Compliance services, which include a wide range of security assessments and security consulting services, will uncover security issues and will help you fill the gaps in your information security program.

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IT Security Training Ottawa

IT Security Training

Our Instructors are the very best at what they do – teaching.  They bring deep knowledge and industry experience to every course that we offer.

The Phirelight Learning Centre offers official education and training for all levels of security. Elevate your Professional Stature today.

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ITSG-33 provides the guidance necessary to bring about predictable and cost-effective secure solutions in departmental and IT project plans. Our instructors will provide critical, hands-on experience of how to navigate ITSG-33 and ensure proper departmental IT security risk management.

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Privacy and Data Protection Compliance

Complete this course in 3 days. Learn data protection best practices and the ins-and-outs of Government of Canada privacy and personal information data security legislature.

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More Phirelight Courses

Risk Management, Security Awareness, Implementing Security from A to Z, ISO 27002 Compliance, Operating Systems Hardening, Incident Handling and Response, Integrating PKI in your GOL Strategy, PKI 101

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Ottawa IT and Network Services

Technical Services

At Phirelight, we understand that your organization is a lot more than its IT systems and applications. You have a vision. Your IT systems and applications are only a vehicle to reach this vision. Your business is likely not Information Security or even Network Architecture.

Phirelight’s professionals are highly trained security cleared experts, seasoned by years of experience with some of the most complex and intricate enterprise systems, and are dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of clients’ security solutions while reducing cost.

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Discover coding errors and security loopholes in software, operating systems, or networks with Phirelight solutions. We use Codenomicons newest fuzz testing software. Find unknown vulnerabilities before hackers do.

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Emissions Security

A service geared towards Government employees and Prime contractors, our Emissions Security (EMSEC) evaluation is required for classified networks. We know all about Threat Risk Analysis, just ask us.

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